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Interested in both high and low brow culture, I play on the notion of the tragicomic in a society that is both civilised and ridiculous. This humorous approach acts as a portal that enables us to explore our more unsavoury emotions. My paintings stay predominantly figurative - the figurative, which is the starting point, at times moves towards abstraction. In my paintings, I am interested in the contrast between flatness and the illusion of three-dimensionality, looking for a composition which is often a double take, highlighting the overlooked in the everyday through the use of colour, mark making, stylisation. 


b. Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in London


2012 MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London

2007 BA Fine Art and Contemporary Critical Theory, Goldsmiths, University of London



Tone Poem, group show, The Hole, Los Angeles (29 June - 17 August)


2024 LOUNGE, Everyday Mooonday, Seoul

2023 SAGA, Solo show at Wentrup Gallery, Berlin 

2023 CALENDAR, Public Service Gallery, Stockholm

2022 Lay of the Land, Thierry Goldberg, New York

2022 DREAM PALACE, Everyday Mooonday, Seoul

2021 RUSH, DUVE, Berlin

2021 FREEPORT, Peter von Kant, St Leonards

2021 Queen Aubergine, Four You Gallery (online), Dubai 

2018 Soft Bite, 12 Star Gallery, London

2014 Mugshots, Sally Kindberg + Philadelphia PD, Peter von Kant, London 

2008 Hilarious and Hideous, The Hospital Club, London


2024 Aesthetic Echoes, group show, PLUS-ONE GALLERY, Antwerp 

2024 Smörgåsbord, group show, Berntson Bhattacharjee Gallery, London

2023 SUBLIME MINUTIAE, Exhibition A, New York 

2023 Fembot, group show, The Hole, New York

2023 Friends and Family, Thierry Goldberg, New York

2023 BEACH, Nino Mier Gallery, New York

2023 Solidarity, group show, NEXX Asia, Taipei

2023 WOMAN WEARS DAILY, group show curated by Stems Gallery, Volery Gallery, Dubai

2022 Double Trouble, Long Story Short, Paris

2022 Once upon a Time in Mayfair, group show, Phillips Auction House, curated by Angeliki Kim Perfetti, London

2022 Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, Row Gallery, curated by Michael Petry and Roberto Ekholm, UNC Charlotte, United States

2022 Sausage Party, group show, organised by Julie Senden, ​Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels

2022 Exodus, Gallery Acsend, Hong Kong 

2021 An Absolute Reality, Tuesday to Friday, Valencia, Spain

2021 John Moores Painting Prize 2020, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

2021 Error Explanation, 68Projects, Berlin

2021 “WO’s Next”, Warehouse Gallery, Hong Kong

2021 Domesticity, curated by Sasha Bogojev, Volery Gallery, Dubai

2020 Arcadia, curated by Barbie Chatsworth, Peter Von Kant, London

2020 Bull in a China Shop, Tchotchke Gallery. New York

2020 Melancolympics, The Wunderwall, curated by Sasha Bogojev, Antwerp, Belgium

2020 London Now 2020, Space K, Seoul

2020 House of Togetherness, curated by Daria Borisova, Harlesden High Street, London

2019 The World Without Us, APT Gallery, London

2019 /'Meikup/, curated by Sally Kindberg, MOCA, London

2019 Gifc & Velvet Ropes, House of Vans, London

2019 Happy Hour, curated by Roberto Ekholm at Kristin Hjellegjerde Melior Place, London

2019 Modern Finance, Thames Side Studio Gallery, London

2018 Not Dream of Islands, selected by John Chilver and Daniel Pettitt, Palfrey Gallery, London

2018 Secret Charter, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

2018 Cave People, with Gideonsson/Londré, Stefanie Hessler and Sally Kindberg curated by 'När man står på ett ben och lutar sig så här', Stockholm

2017 Piaf (Peckham International Art Fair) 2017 MOCA London Stand 1, London

2017 Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, Guildhall Art Gallery, London

2017 XIX CERVEIRA Cerveira International Art Biennial, Portugal

2017 Domain of Sensible Knowledge, ASC Gallery, London

2017 Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, The Four Domes Pavilion, Branch of the National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland

2016 Summer Mix, Turps Gallery, London

2016 Nature Morte Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, Konsthallen Bohuslän Museum, Uddevalla, Sweden

2015 Anthology 2015, Charlie Smith, London

2014 14 / 55, Gem Space, curated by Ron Ziser, London

2013 Turf & Surface, curated by John Chilver, Lion & Lamb, London

2012 Concertina, Dial Zero Artist Group, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

2012 In and Out, Tirana EKSPRES, Tirana, Albania


2008 Jerwood Contemporary Painters Prize, ‘Twenty painters with a great future’, (winner) London




2022 Brainard Carey, Yale University Radio, Artist interview with Sally Kindberg, []

2022 Olivia Hingley, Bums, kettlebells and shapeups: Sally Kindberg explores tragicomedy in her exquisitely surreal paintings, interview for

It's Nice that.

2022 Everyday Mooonday Gallery, Sally Kindberg: DREAM PALACE, art book, Everyday Mooonday Gallery

2021 Roberto Ekholm, Supper at Last: Roberto Ekholm talks to Sally Kindberg, interview for Art Seen Magazine

2021 Sasha Bogojev, Our Transatlantic Connections: A Conversation with Sally Kindberg, interview for Juxtapoz Magazine

2021 Daniel Hahn and Johannes Mundinger, Nothing's gonna change my world? Interview for Raum www

2021 Alasdair Duncan, FREEPORT. Catalogue essay, PvK on Sea (Peter von Kant), St Leonard

2021 Lisa Boudet, Things Artists NEVER tell you!, interview on YouTube

2020 Katharina Herzog, Swedish artists, Sally Kindberg, interview for Les-Nouveaux-Riches 

2020 Jang-Uk Lee, London Now 2020. Catalogue essay, Space K, Seoul

2019 Sara Makari-Aghdam, The World Without Us. Catalogue essay, APT Gallery, London, for This is Tomorrow 

2019 Anna Riccardi, /'Meikup/. Catalogue essay, MOCA, London

2019 Roberto Ekholm, Happy Hour. Catalouge essay, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

2018 Maria Stenfors, Soft Bite. Catalogue essay, 12 Star Gallery, London

2014 George Major, Mugshots, Sally Kindberg + Philadelphia PD. Catalogue essay, Peter von Kant, London

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Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States

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