Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Modern Finance
Curated by Howard Dyke and playpaint 

Adia Wahid, Alice Wilson, Ben Branagan, Brigitte Parusel, David Cyrus Smith, David Dipré, Dominic Kennedy, Emily Power, Helen G Blake, Howard Dyke, Jonathan Lloyd West, Julian Wakelin, Katie Pratt, Lizi Sánchez, Marcus Cope, Mari Reijnders, Martin Gayford, playpaint, Ralph Anderson, Raymonde Beraud, Sally Kindberg, Sarah Woodburn, Simon Haddock, Suzy Babington, Tash Kahn, Ziggy Grudzinskas


Modern Finance

So…what are we talking about here Modern Finance? Ambient Noise.
A preliminary sketch about the predicament of the artist? Delivered off kilter to make work for a
show /
/ Not for the dough. Perhaps
Unsettling voices from the other side of the water.
High rise debt on burnt out credit cards. There’s nothing in the diary but hard Graft.
An economy of diminishing returns….and no R@ft. 






Make an Image, a Sign, a Banner, Totem, or Tower - Whatever it is to reach out for some
semblance of meaning.
Accumulated structures. The beauty of punctuated textures. 
Hyperactive colours. 
/////////////// Folding
Collaged imagery across ambiguous partitions. Fake painted gestures % Real painted gestures. 
But these have all been seen before right? 


YYes +
NNo -


Because it’s all about context dispensed by Higher Beings. The redistribution of wealth.

But do any of us really mean it? 
And where does the meaning in the work come from?

Is meaning an obstruction to freedom?
Or the liberation of work?
Or is it a device to unearth hidden things?

The Business of interpretations>>>>

Modern Finance, group show curated by Howard Dyke and playpaint at Thames-Side Studio Gallery 2019